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Almas Pool are available in a wide range of formation. All of which designed by specialists and backed by 10 years in the filed. They are also corrosion resistant, durable and require minimal maintenance,proving, therefore,that almas pool are not only different,but beautifully so.


Our existence in the market from more than a decade has been justified by wide base of clients  who have appreciated our variegated services such as pool management, swimming pool construction,swimming pool repair and maintenance.

Our clients are renowned names in the sphere of constructing residencies and buildings spread across the country. Apart from the above services we also offer Project Management & Consultancy, Turnkey Projects in Swimming Pools, Swimming Pool Equipments & Accessories, Filtration Systems, Overflow Gratings, Pool Chemicals, Annual

Maintenance and readymade swimming pools at affordable prices. With our expertise in understanding the nature of swimming pools we are in a position to offer consultancy services for the same. Here we thoroughly evaluate construction projects and prevent the need for corrections after construction.

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